5 years ago this coming November, I met Sadie. I’m pleased to introduce her to you.

Happy dog

Sadie is a rescue mutt, an Arkansas brown lady dog who came into my life in series of eerie coincidences that I can’t help but think were helped along by fate. More on that later. Whatever the reasons, we found each other, and at the risk of being melodramatic, I’m pretty sure Sadie saved me. More on that later, too.

As Sadie and I got to know each other, it was quickly obvious that Sadie had great effect on most of the humans she meets. She made them smile. When we stopped to say hi, the humans wanted to chat, to linger over her perky airplane ears and ask about her story. They said things like “she is the sweetest dog.” Hyperbole, or something more?

I started to take her to work. She would sit outside my office, in front of glass doors at the top of a treacherous staircase, and I would watch my coworkers climb the stairs, usually with their heads down. As they crested the stairs, they would see Sadie, and all of them, even the cat people, would smile. Then they’d try not to trip over her as they entered the building.

Soon, I felt selfish that I wasn’t sharing Sadie with more people. So we became a Therapy Dog team, trained and licensed to go into hospitals, nursing homes, schools etc…to give folks a little dog therapy. But therapy dog visits are rare, and it’s not enough.

This world is tough. Families, jobs, money, relationships…it’s all just tough.

Dogs make it a little easier.

So welcome to daily (dog) therapy, which promises nothing more than a daily dose of doggie goodness in your email, blog, or social media feed. If you like this service, please tell your friends to sign up or check it out. If you don’t, well, you read this far, so maybe you like the idea more than you think.


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